Who we are


Many patients that need to travel for medical purpose often do not have the financial means or ability to make these travel arrangements. There is a great deal of stress that comes along with these situations and this can cause even more stress to the patient. Our focus is to provide assistance in these areas so families can focus on the health of their family. Halo Medical Travel Service will provide travel assistance, wherever you need to go, for patients in need.


In 2002, the founder of HALO Medical Travel Services, Leasa Bolen,  was a single mom who was faced with the necessity of having to take her daughter to UCLA to seek a medical diagnosis. Her daughter Alli, who had developed rare symptoms of a brain disorder, had been through nearly every test that she could in Spokane, WA so her neurologist referred her to UCLA. At this time Alli’s life expectancy was unknown. The stress of having a sick child was traumatic for Leasa and the added financial stress of having to come up with the money to fly to UCLA, pay for a hotel, transportation to and from the hospital as well as meals on the road was overwhelming.

Thankfully, Leasa had family and co-workers that were able to help her and Alli get to the medical facility that they were referred to.  It was during this trip that Leasa wondered how other families were able to afford this. Insurance typically pays for the medical visits but not the travel expenses.

Fast forward 15 years (and numerous out of area referrals) she decided something needed to be done to help these families because no person should go untreated or make medical decisions due to the cost of medical travel. While researching data for the organization, we discovered that so many services exist already. As a young mom, Leasa was not aware of many of these services, however; even if she did know, she would not have qualified due to the income levels of many of them. She had a great job, but medical bills were piling up and raising two children on her own did not afford her the ability to save money for the unexpected.

This is where Care Package from Alli steps in. Our goal is to partner with the existing services in the community. Learn their guidelines and the thresholds so that when families come to us, we know where to connect them as well as knowing what will be needed to apply for these services. On top of that, we will take the burden of having to complete this paperwork off from our clients so that they can focus on their health and/or the health of a loved one. Where the service does not exist, we aim to provide that service for them. Alli is now 27 years old and working on her Masters in Clinical Counseling. Her goal in life is to counsel medically fragile families. She continues to have to travel to Seattle every 4 to 6 months to seek medical treatment at the University of Washington. We understand the need in this community and will provide the help that our clients need to make medical decisions, not financial decisions.