Client: Roberta

Story:  Berta is a 14 year young lady with a rare from of bone cancer.  She has been staying at the Ronald McDonald House here in Spokane for some time.  Berta and her family are from Richland WA and they have to travel back and forth numerous times per month.  Berta has 3 siblings so when they are all in Spokane together, they must stay at a hotel as the family is too large for the Ronald McDonald house rooms. HALO was able to help Berta and her family by providing a much needed gas card, grocery’s and food vouchers for Wendy’s, Burger King and Lugi’s. One of Berta’s favorite foods are donuts.  Amy’s Donuts provided a dozen donuts to Berta and The Donut Parade provided 2 dozen free donuts a week through the end of 2020.  Berta and her family are excited to share these donuts with their friends at the Ronald McDonald house.

Berta is working hard on her part to make a difference in the world. She and her family started collecting garbage can’s, painting them gold and placing them in the local schools in the Richland area to collect aluminum cans for recycling.  They call it “Kick Cancer in the Can“. The money raised will help other families that need to travel for medical purposes.  This is right up HALO’s alley and we applaud the Masates family for making a difference and are working on a partnership with them. If you would like to help Berta make a difference, they are looking for garbage can’s to paint and put into more schools!!  Contact HALO at 509-991-0744 or to find out how to donate.

We would like to give a huge thank you to Wendy’s, Luigi’s, Amy’s Donuts and The Donut Parade for their generous donation to Berta and her family.