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Travel with us to your medical destination

Serving clients traveling in or out of the Washington Inland Northwest and Northern Idaho Regions


— We Find & Connect

By making connections in the community we are able to direct our clients to the services they need for low to no cost. We take advantages of connecting people to resources that already exist.

— We Build Partnerships

We go above and beyond to establish working relationships with industry leaders to negotiate the lowest available rates for our clients. HALO has established contracted rates for all clients at certain facilities. 

— We Strengthen

Your priority should be to take care of yourself or your family. By taking on the burden of making arrangements for travel HALO gives you back valuable time and resources to concentrate on healing.

— We Educate

We teach our clients about the many avenues to acquire resources for their medical situation. HALO inspires our clients to advocate for themselves and become knowledgeable of the options available to them. 

— We Provide Support

It is our priority to be here for you every step of the way. We know the stresses involved with traveling for medical appointments which is why we will act as a lifeline to guide you when you hit any road bumps. 

— We Consult

We offer expert advice that has been built off of first hand experience. There are many obstacles that can be involved with healthcare, however, our resources and advice extend beyond travel and lodging. 


We will work with you to complete an intake form to determine your needs. Once the intake form is complete, we will work with our team resources and to develop a plan for you.

We will triage all requests to provide the best service and to ensure that we are able to help everyone in a timely manner based on the need.


At Halo Medical Travel Services, we have partnered with many services that already exist in the community. We have access to guidelines and thresholds, so we know what you will qualify for. We will also work with you  to complete any required documentation that the organization requires. Our Staff will work with your doctors to seek medical approval if needed and follow up to ensure that the approval was sent to the service provider. Where the service does not exist, we will provide it for you.

Types of travel services:

  • Airfare
  • Hotel
  • Meal/ meal vouchers
  • Gas cards
  • Parking vouchers
  • Help with transportation
  • Connections to support groups
  • A shoulder to lean on!


Caleb's Story

Caleb is a 16-year-old boy with functional neurological disorder also known as conversion disorder. He has already spent over a month at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. and must now travel to Provo, UT. to continue therapies. Caleb is a bright and determined young man who is being held back by a very debilitating disease.


,HALO client

Leukodystrophy has about 52 different variations and Shanna is struggling with her doctors to determine what variation she has, let alone how to treat the disease. In the meantime, Shanna’s quality of life has been greatly impacted. We are working with Shanna to help find resources and plan for the medical visit to either Seattle or the Mayo Clinic in Rochester MN soon.

“This is one of the most amazing ladies and what HALO is doing to assist people and families is amazing.  I am very fortunate to have them in my life.” 


,HALO client



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